Nature Dancing

Lingering almost against my will
In that space between
Out breath and in breath
For a moment I forgot to worry
Just long enough to notice
Nature dancing
Childlike delight
Becomes the blessing
Of knowing the
Always Okayness
Within the ever present
Of Life itself


By and Of Nature

Letting go of technique
Abandoning traditionally held concepts
Of beauty
Of perfection
Dropping down and in
To see through the eyes of the heart
Blessed with knowing
And feeling held
In softness
And of
Always shining

What If…

What if….

– we don’t have to have it all figured out and know all the answers? What if we actually can’t?
– we don’t have to be good at everything?
– we don’t have to be totally and completely self-sufficient 100% of the time?
– my strengths are *meant* to assist you with your weaknesses, and vice versa?
Рwe actually *need* each other in that, and so many other ways?
– we weren’t ashamed to admit that?
– it’s okay to make mistakes, even big ones?
– we held each other gently, with the utmost kindness, in those moments, knowing that we, too, have messed up, and that we’re all trying our best, in every moment?
– we held ourselves gently, with the utmost kindness, in those moments?