What If…

img_1454What if what I see is not what is really there?

What if there is more to it, or less?

What if the label I put on something says more about me than what I am labelling?

What if I didn’t label it at all?

What if I just let it be as it is?

What if knowing is born in that space?


The Ache

tree-heart-snowIt’s back.

Tight. Squeezing. Dark.


A thundering reverberation

Of emotions

That threatens to overwhelm

Perhaps annihilate

As it crashes against every cell

Wave after suffocating wave.



Until, bereft of energy,

It and I begin to recede.

Then a quivering softness

A tender broken openness

Arising and gently embracing

Inner and outer

Self and other.



Heart and Now

ice-sculptureDissatisfied, restless and unsettled

Lost in what used to be

Grasping at what should have been

Forgetting that contentment is always right here

Relaxing into what is

Trusting in the aliveness of each breath

Feeling the ache

Touching the possibility

Remembering that nothing needs to be fixed

In this heart

In this now.