New and fresh

Above, below, in front, behind, to either side
All around me
Like yesterday’s beauty but completely new and fresh
The trees, the sky, the leaves
The fresh early morning winter air tickle-biting my nose
The squirrel scampering and scolding
The dog sees it too and I delight to see and hear him scamper and scold back
Completely open to the possibility that this time he will catch it
May I be as open, and as willing to see the newness and freshness of each being and each situation I encounter indoors as well as out.


Remembrance Day

red-leaf-remembrance-dayThinking of my mom and how sad she always was on this day
As she remembered her brother, lost, whereabouts unknown for so many years.
My heart aches now remembering her tears.

Thinking of my grandfather, his mind tormented by things he had seen, things he had done, things he was afraid would be done.
My heart aches now remembering his fear.

So much fear. So many tears.
So much gratitude for all that I have and hold dear.

My heart aches now, aches for peace.
May the ache in my own heart remind me that your heart aches too.
May the ache in my heart remind me to open to the peace that is always and already there.