Remembering Smokey

Gone from our lives a year ago today
A loss that continues to pierce our hearts
And make them bigger, gentler, sweeter
And more filled with laughter
Snuggling in close to the soft sweet memories
Sticking our tongues out in salute
Miss you Smokey Sweetface

He was The Most Special Dog. From the time I brought him home in a snow storm and he promptly peed on the couch to make it his, to the way he showed me his ouchies after two surgeries, snuggled under my arm or into my back for our afternoon siesta, barked at me to hurry up when it was time for hungries, and snorted at me when I told him “Quiet!”, to the total and complete equanimity when he needed me to give him two needles a day, and then snuggled into me one last time when he just couldn’t do it anymore. He was The Most Special Dog


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